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Amerikaner – Black and White Cookies recipe

My lil sis and I are going on a huge shopping trip tomorrow. We’ll be spending about an hour in the car to get to Frankfurt, so I prepared some delicious provision for us: Black and White (and Pink) Cookies! Or, as we call them in Germany, Amerikaner. (If you want to know why, click here [German].) Weiterlesen

DIY – Tights Display Hanger

For years I had all my tights – thick and thin ones – in a big drawer. Choosing which one to wear mostly resulted in picking the topmost ones. Treasures on the bottom of the drawer were forgotten until I cleaned the wardrobe (like twice a year). It’s the same with clothes: the stuff you don’t see, you don’t wear. I needed to change that. Weiterlesen

Sanny’s Cranberry-Chocolate-Amaretto-Muffins

Whenever I’m not feeling well – especially once in a month – I’m making muffins. Making muffins makes me m-happy, snacking on the rest of the dough makes me happy, and eating muffins – well, you get. This time, I wanted to do something with some leftover cranberries and chocolate chips; however, I couldn’t find a recipe that wouldn’t include me going to the supermarket to buy additional ingredients. Weiterlesen

DIY Starlight Lamps

I have been wanting to make these lamps for ten years. Yep, ten years. Alright, maybe eight or nine, but that’s almost ten, anyway. The lamps are a combination of things I love: tiny lights, stars, crafting and Southern Comfort (also known as „Sassan“ for a short period of my life, but that’s another story). Weiterlesen